Common Ground

Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin

Play & Sing The Songs of Big Bill Broonzy

 Folk Rock, Country Rock, Blues

Grammy Nominated Best Blues Album 2014

After Dave recorded Eleven Eleven a year or 2 later - Phil was in Spain for a tour & almost died. During that time Dave wanted to make amends with his brother & try to improve their lives by healing past wounds so they decided to do a record which became Common Ground. Basically Dave was trying to help Phil recover & heal so when we made that record Dave asked me to be coproducer & I really appreciated that. On that record there were no problems at all. The biggest thing was the delicacy of Phil. It was really heavy for him. It was a really awarding experience  & it got nominated for a Grammy & was #1 Blues Album. It was critically acclaimed & I recorded it, mixed it & coproduced it.

Behind the Scenes

Featured Album

This was pretty much a live record. All those vocals of Phil Alvin were live. What stood out to me most was Phil looking at the speaker with this stunned look listening to himself through the playback & not recognizing what he was listening to because he totally changed after his near death & coma experience. I told him of course you would. How can you not be changed by that. Now you are going to deliver the same message a new way & it is still moving us but for him - he didn’t recognize himself. He lost a lot of his bravado& girth  but he got a lot of great reviews & he was even better in Lost Time.

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