Mentor Advice | John Gillies

A couple of my mentors , John Gillies with his mentor Geoff Emerick

John has been my total business mentor when I started because he used to run studios for many years & is also a super talented musician.  He always told me I don’t want to see you put all your effort in your business & let your music go on the wayside. John was right! Now I'm playing catch up , although incredibly Enriched.

Top 3 Tips for Recording Studios & Sound Engineers

  1. Don’t let a client block you out for too long or you’ll lose your other clients so be smart about that. 
  2. The only time you can raise your rates is when you are so booked that you can’t do all the work. 
  3. Ask others when you need help but be pro active with resources & self educate.  When I was first learning Pro Tools (pre youtube) John gave me a great referral to a ProTools master & that saved me a lot of time from learning completely by trial & error. 

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