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As a musician, sound engineer, producer working in close proximity & collaborating with many of the world's most diverse & talented artists makes for a full bucket with many stories to be shared. The sounds created at Winslow Ct. range from Classical/Opera, Americana, Latin, Folk, Rock, Jazz, Indie, Psychedelic, Punk, Bebop, Blues, Roots, R&B, Spoken Word, World Indigenous genres, Classic Country and beyond beyond beyond. Oh yeah, and Zappa.  An album & favorite tracks will be spotlighted with insights on the recording process with behind the scenes stories and photos / video.

Jack Tempchin


The Albums section starts with Jack Tempchin because everything leads back to Jack - many of the great players & referrals that built the foundation of Winslow Ct Studio are directly from him. MORE

Greg Leisz

Wild Mountain Thyme

Greg Leisz is an absolute heavy weight artisan in the studio & on the road. He's worked along side most of the apex greats in the music business over the last forty years and he's earned the Lifetime Achievement Award for Instrumentalists by the Americana Music Association. MORE