Stan Ridgway | Neon Mirage

"Big Green Tree"

 Released 2010 A440


I’ve met Stan before & we’ve talked on the phone a few times & I really really like him. He is a very nice guy. Dave Alvin was producing a couple of songs for him & it was he ultimately that got him to come in. It was a great session in my book. It was one afternoon & it was the last session I did with the wonderful Amy Farris & she knocked it out of the park on this one as did all of the others. She did these 3 & 4 part string arrangements to create a string section off the cuff & it turned out so beautiful & it is indeed live expect for thee afore mentioned string section. Stan sang & played harmonica & acoustic, Stan’s wife, Petra Wexstun on keys , Dave taking us to Fred Neil land somehow on the guitar & Brett Simons on Bass….. It was a magical session & everyone shined on it.  I remember Stan took a ref home & he called me that night & was most pleased with the energy & sound captured. It was a great fun session that I shant ever forget. Yeah , shant!.

Featured Song |Big Green Tree

Stan Ridgway: vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica

Dave Alvin: electric guitar

Petra Wexstun: keys

Amy Farris: violins , violas , harmony vocals

Brett Simons: acoustic bass

Behind the Scenes |Photography by Craig Parker Adams

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