The Frank Zappa Box Sets and more

I've done several more that are not in this photo but are shown below.

Several years ago when my schedule initially began to get heavily booked with FZ projects I ended up mixing and mastering 30 Zappa concerts in a 14 month period, 18 Zappa plays Zappa concerts & 12 vintage Frank concerts & they were all mammoth with shows ranging between 2 to 3 hours long. The ZPZ shows were big sessions with 48 tracks with a lot of stuff to be looked at, muted etc... a lot of stuff (fortunately I had Nicole Lexi Davis there to help assist me technically with the heavy load) and the Frank recordings for 1 of the series of concerts / box set also involved a great deal of detailed restoration ( at the molecular level )over the span of 25 reels of tape . Always nothing short of an incredible honor is how I describe working on anything of Frank's. Ever!

Tony Bacon wrote a great article on Craig's whole history of Mixing Frank Zappa.

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