Dweezil Zappa

Via Zammata


Released 2015


Think about what kind of hands on education one gets by owning a historic Hollywood California recording studio business working with talented international artists year after year decade after decade. 

I logged 800 hours on this one record alone. A PHD is 120 hrs.”

Dweezil lives at the edge of seeing how far he can expand & or take something.  I'm pretty versatile & somewhat aware of what can & can’t be done in the studio but this album required a lot of tolerance from me & so I needed to expanded my approach & be more flexible. I had to pace myself with his approach until we fell into a groove that worked well. My thought process was ok, I’m going to handle this, I’m going to take responsibility for my role, I’m going to get it done no matter how hard it is, I’m going to bring the best vibe that I can & I’m going to look at it from a point of gratitude that I am learning & getting valuable first hand insights from . AND not only that but I am also nurturing an important friendship & taking it to a level its never been. It was an amazing experience through and through & the record sounds fantastic. For me it was an absolute honor!


Featured Song | Dragon Master

Frank Zappa wrote the lyrics & handed them to Dweezil. A challenge to write the music to his lyrics. 

A good friend, Shawn Albro did the vocals on this track.


Behind the Scenes |Photography by Craig Parker Adams

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