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Dave Alvin




"Have you ever heard of a guy named Dave Alvin?" a simple question by Greg Leisz that would end up having a profound impact on my Life as a sound engineer and beyond. Greg was producing the Ashgrove for Dave & thought Winslow Ct Studio would be a good fit for recording the basic live tracks. It also lead to an introduction to the genius audio engineer, Mark Linett.

Day one of the Ashgrove: 12/29/2003

The first day the roof was ever raised.

In the Studio

Dave brings the Dave sound and it doesn’t matter what he plays through. He is the real deal. His sound is his live sound. He uses his pedal board & it is the exact same thing he does live & the amp is right behind him but behind a gobo. He lights it up and can feel it right through the gobo on his back. I tried many mics & many placements but it most always comes down to just 1 mic at a 70 degree angle off the center of the cone with either a SM57 or more recently the Sennheiser 421.  I ( we ) prefer  the 421 because Dave's got a bright brilliant sound & uses echo in a way that makes the sound even brighter. Plus he doesn’t use flat picks he uses finger picks and a thumb pick which can add even more bite due to his intensity so I try to make a balance of not too aggressive or hard but aim for the smooth spot in between & the 421 naaaaaails it!

Featured Album

Electric & acoustic guitar: Dave Alvin 

Electric, acoustic, slide& steel guitar: Greg Leisz 

Electric Bass: Bob Glaub 

Drums & Percussion: Don Heffington 

Keyboards: Patrick Warren 

Harmony vocals: Chris Gaffney 

Released 2004 Yep Roc Records

Behind the Scenes | Photography by Craig Parker Adams

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