Dave Alvin

Eleven Eleven

Folk rock, Country rock, Americana


A special record for Dave because it was his birthday. On that record he had written a song called “What’s Up With Your Brother” & that is written in regard to the fact that where ever those guys go - People always ask "Hey, What’s Up with your Brother?” 

So Dave wrote this song & asked Phil to come & sing it. It would be their first time together in the studio in over 30 years. This was the about the 7th record I made with Dave so I have heard many stories about Phil & Dave so I really didn’t know what to expect. Immediately everything I heard was evident instantly & there was a tension but regardless they made the best of it & had fun anyways.

Featured Song | What's Up With Your Brother

Dave Alvin: vocals, electric guitar 

Phil Alvin: vocals 

Gene Taylor: Piano 

Wyman Reese: organ 

Gregory Boaz: bass 

Steve Mugalian: drums, percussion 

Jack Rudy: harmonica

Behind the Scenes |Photography by Craig Parker Adams

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